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What is Corten B steel

What is Corten B steel

Corten B steel, the full name of atmospheric corrosion resistance high strength low alloy steel plate, also known as atmospheric corrosion resistance hot rolled steel or Cowden steel, belongs to the United States Cu-P series steel representative steel, is a kind of weathering steel. It is mainly used in containers, power plants, chimneys, railway engineering and outdoor steel and other occasions, because of its good corrosion and heat resistance characteristics and mechanical properties and widely favored.

The chemical composition of Corten B steel mainly includes:

Carbon (C) : ≤0.19

Silicon (Si) : 0.3-0.65

Manganese (Mn) : 0.8-1.25

Phosphorus (P) : ≤0.035

Sulfur (S) : ≤0.035

Chromium (Cr) : 0.4-0.65

Nickel (Ni) : ≤0.4

Copper (Cu) : 0.25-0.4

Vanadium (V) : 0.02-0.1

Characteristics of Corten B steel

Excellent corrosion resistance: Compared with ordinary carbon steel, Corten B steel has better corrosion resistance in the atmosphere. Its weather resistance is 28 times that of ordinary carbon steel, and its coating property is 1.510 times that of ordinary carbon steel.

Good mechanical properties: Corten B steel has good machining properties such as stamping and bending, and has good plasticity.

Relatively low price: Compared with stainless steel, Corten B steel has only a small amount of alloying elements, so the price is relatively low.

Special protection mechanism: After adding trace elements such as phosphorus, copper, chromium and nickel to the steel, a dense and highly adhesive protective film is formed on the steel surface, which prevents the corrosion from spreading and developing, and protects the matrix below the rust layer to slow down its corrosion rate.

Because of its excellent properties, Corten B steel is widely used in many fields:

Bridges: Manufacture structural parts such as bridge main beams, bridge panels and cable stays, with long service life and low maintenance costs.

Construction: Used to manufacture load-bearing structures and decorative panels for high-rise buildings, providing beautiful and generous appearance and good durability.

Vehicles and ships: Manufacture car bodies, hull and parts, etc., to improve the anti-corrosion performance and service life of products.

Others: Also widely used in railway engineering, power plant chimneys and other outdoor steel occasions.

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