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Characteristics of A588Grade A steel

Characteristics of A588Grade A steel

A588Grade A steel is a high strength, low alloy structural steel, especially suitable for manufacturing applications requiring high weather resistance and resistance to atmospheric corrosion. It is a steel grade under the ASTM A588 standard and belongs to a kind of weathering steel.

The chemical composition of A588Grade A steel mainly consists of the following elements and their content (expressed in maximum percentage) :

Carbon (C) : 0.19% Max

Silicon (Si) : 0.65% Max

Manganese (Mn) : up to 1.25%

Phosphorus (P) : Maximum 0.04%

Sulfur (S) : Maximum 0.05%

Chromium (Cr) : 0.65% Max

Nickel (Ni) : 0.40% Max

Copper (Cu) : 0.40% Max

A588Grade A steel features

Weather resistance: A588Grade A steel has excellent weather resistance and can form a dense oxide layer in various atmospheric environments, thus resisting atmospheric corrosion.

High strength: The steel has high strength, its tensile strength reaches 485 MPa (70 ksi) or more, and the yield strength is 345 MPa (50 ksi) or more.

Good extensibility: The elongation of A588Grade A steel is not less than 21%, indicating that it has good plasticity and toughness.

Weldability: Although welding requires preheating to prevent cracks, A588Grade A steel has a low thermal crack sensitivity coefficient and is easy to achieve high quality welding.

A588Grade A steel is widely used in the following fields due to its excellent weather resistance and strength characteristics:

Bridge engineering: used to manufacture various components of Bridges, such as main beams, bridge panels, etc., to improve the durability and safety of Bridges.

Construction engineering: Used to build various buildings and structures, such as workshops, warehouses, residential buildings, etc., to improve the durability and anti-corrosion performance of buildings.

Vehicle manufacturing: Used to manufacture structural parts and covering parts of vehicles such as automobiles, trains, ships, etc., to improve the corrosion resistance and appearance quality of vehicles.

Container manufacturing: Used to manufacture various containers and containers to improve the durability and anti-corrosion performance of containers.

In short, A588Grade A steel is a low-alloy structural steel with excellent weather resistance and high strength, which is widely used in Bridges, construction, vehicles and container manufacturing.

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