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Corten A concept

Corten A concept

Corten-A, also known as Cowden steel, is a highly weather-resistant corrosion resistant plate. This material is a low-alloy high-strength weathering steel, which is made of ordinary steel with a small amount of copper, chromium, phosphorus and other elements, and is made by special treatment. Its weather-corrosion resistance is three to eight times higher than that of ordinary steel.

Chemical composition of Corten A:

The chemical composition of Corten-A mainly includes carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, chromium, nickel and other elements. Among them, carbon is an important element that affects the strength and toughness of steel, silicon and manganese can promote the solid solution strengthening of steel, phosphorus and sulfur are harmful elements in steel, and their content should be reduced as much as possible. Alloying elements such as chromium and nickel can increase the corrosion resistance of steel.

Features of Corten A:

Strong weather resistance: in the atmospheric environment, Corten-A can form a dense oxide film and play a role in corrosion prevention. Its resistance to atmospheric corrosion and sea corrosion are excellent.

High strength: Corten-A steel has good mechanical properties, including yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and other indicators. According to ASTM standards, the yield strength of Corten-A steel is not less than 345 MPa, the tensile strength is not less than 485 MPa, and the elongation is not less than 20%.

Good machinability: Steel is easy to bend, cut, drill and weld, so it is widely used in various buildings and industrial facilities.

Applications of Corten A:

Because of its excellent weather resistance and strength characteristics, Corten-A is widely used in construction, Bridges, vehicles and other fields. Since 1958, it has been used first in buildings, and then gradually expanded its use to Bridges, trains, cars, trucks and industrial facilities.

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