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ASTM A588 Class C steel plate

ASTM A588 Class C steel plate

ASTM A588 Class C steel is a high-strength, low-alloy weathering steel that belongs to a class in the ASTM A588 standard specification. It is mainly used in the manufacture of welded Bridges and buildings that need to withstand the effects of atmospheric corrosion, as well as structural parts of various construction machinery.

ASTM A588 Class C steel plate characteristics

Weather resistance: ASTM A588 C grade steel plate through a specific alloying design, such as adding Cu, P, Cr, Ni and other elements, to form a protective layer on the surface of the metal matrix, thus having high atmospheric corrosion resistance.

High strength: The steel plate has excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength and yield strength.

The main chemical components of ASTM A588 Class C steel plate include:

Carbon (C) : 0.20%-0.30%

Silicon (Si) : 0.03%-0.65%

Manganese (Mn) : 0.80%-1.25%

Phosphorus (P) : Maximum value is 0.04%

Sulfur (S) : Maximum value is 0.05%

Chromium (Cr) : 0.40%-0.65%

Nickel (Ni) : 0.25%-0.40%

Copper (Cu) : 0.25%-0.40%

In addition, it may also contain other trace elements, such as molybdenum (Mo).

ASTM A588 C grade steel plate delivery status is usually normalizing, performing the US standard inspection, no cracks are allowed.

ASTM A588 Class C steel is widely used in the following fields:

Construction works Bridges and various building structures.

Steel structure engineering, such as plant, warehouse, etc.

All kinds of construction machinery, such as drilling rig, shovel, electric wheel dump truck, excavator, loader, bulldozer, crane, etc.

Coal mine hydraulic support and other mechanical equipment and other structural parts.

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