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DIN St52-3 steel plate application

Steel plate St52-3 is most normal used among all kinds of low alloy steel grades. It is equal to Chinese steel grade Q345B, low alloy high strength steel plate. Low alloy steel plate St52-3 is used to manufacture the plants of factory, the common contracture and construction machinery and equipments. The additional technical requirements for structural steel plate St52-3 shall be Ultrasonic examination, heat treatment, low temperature impacting, hot blasting and painting for prevent rusty. DIN St52-3 steel plate Physical properties (average values) at ambient temperature Modulus of elasticity [103 x N/mm2]: 210 Density [g/cm3]: 7.80 DIN St52-3 steel plate soft annealing Heat to 650-700oC, cool slowly. DIN St52-3 steel plate hardening Harden from a temperature of 860-890oC followed by oil or water quenching. DIN St52-3 steel plate tempering Normalizing temperature: 860-890oC. DIN St52-3 steel plate forging Hot forming temperature: 1050-850oC. DIN St52-3 steel plate machinability Machinability is good, rated at 90% that of the 1112 alloy used as a 100% machining rated steel. BBN steels are specialized in supplying DIN St52-3 steel plate. We have 17 years experience in the exportation of DIN St52-3 steel plate. please feel free to contact us.
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