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Welding method of s355j2wp weathering steel plate

Welding method of s355j2wp weathering steel plate

The s355j2wp weathering steel plate is to add certain amount of copper, nickel and other elements in the welding of steel, thus forming a dense oxide film during atmospheric oxidation, thus preventing further oxidation of atmosphere and matrix. When the carbon content of s355j2wp weathering steel plate is high, the hardness is higher, the cold tendency of welding heat affected zone is greater, and the welding properties of s355j2wp weathering steel plate are cross.

So how to produce welded s355j2wp weathering steel plate? We can take the following measures:
1. Choose the basic low hydrogen type electrode and flux. The basic low hydrogen electrode and flux welding joint have low hydrogen content, good desulfurization and phosphorus properties and high impact toughness.
2. Arrange welding sequence reasonably. The principle is that most welds can be welded under the condition of less stiffness to further reduce the s355j2wp weathering steel plate welding stress.
3. Preheating before welding, slow cooling or heat treatment after welding. Preheating before welding is usually an important measure to prevent welding cold crack of high strength steel. Slow cooling or heat treatment after welding can make the diffusion hydrogen fully escape, reduce the s355j2wp weathering steel plate welding residual stress, improve the microstructure and reduce the hardenability, thus reducing the welding cold cracking tendency.

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