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What are the annealing types of Q295NH steel plate

What are the annealing types of Q295NH steel plate

Full annealing. The process of heating Q295NH steel plate to 30~50℃ above AC3, complete austenitizing, followed by slow cooling, and obtaining near equilibrium microstructure is called complete annealing. Mainly used for medium carbon carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel castings.

Spheroidizing annealing. The annealing to spheroidize the carbide in the Q295NH steel plate is called spheroidizing annealing.

It is mainly suitable for the pre-heat treatment of eutectoid steel and hypereutectoid steel in the manufacture of die. Q295NH steel plate after spidizing annealing, the hardness is reduced, easy to cut, and in quenching and heating, austenite grain is not easy to coarse, cooling workpiece deformation and cracking tendency is small.

Stress relief annealing. The Q295NH steel plate is heated to about 500~600℃, retained for a period of time, and then cooled to 200~300℃ with the furnace, and then air-cooled. Its purpose is to remove the internal stress of Q295NH steel plate, stabilize the size, and reduce deformation.

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