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Welding of Q355NH weathering steel plate

Welding of Q355NH weathering steel plate

Welding of Q355NH weathering steel plate:
The allowable low ambient temperature during welding is as follows:
1) Carbon steel and ordinary low alloy steel (grade I): - 10℃
2) Carbon steel, ordinary low alloy steel, heat strength steel and alloy structural steel (B-I, A-II, III): 0℃
3) Hot strength steel and alloy structural steel (grade b-II and III): 5℃

In case of the following conditions in the welding environment of Q355NH weathering steel plate, effective protection measures shall be taken, otherwise welding is forbidden:
1) The wind speed of manual arc welding is greater than 8 m/s, and that of manual TIG welding is greater than 2 m/s;
2) The relative humidity is more than 90%;
3) Splashing water, rain or fog on weldment;
4) When the temperature of weldment is lower than 0℃. The Q355NH weathering steel plate welding should be windproof, rainproof and cold proof.

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