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Application fields of Q460NH steel plate

Application fields of Q460NH steel plate

Q460NH steel plate is a kind of weather-resistant structural steel with good atmospheric corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. It is commonly used in the following application fields:

1. Bridge construction: used to manufacture various bridge structures and provide long-lasting anti-corrosion protection in atmospheric environments.

2. Building structure: Q460NH steel plate is suitable for building facades, roofs and other parts that need to resist the erosion of the natural environment for a long time.

3. Container manufacturing: It can be used to manufacture storage tanks, containers, etc., providing good corrosion resistance.

4. Railway vehicles: Q460NH steel plate is suitable for manufacturing train carriages, trucks and other components to resist atmospheric corrosion and extend their service life.

5. Wind power generation: used for wind power generation towers, equipment support, etc. Because of the weather resistance properties of Q460NH steel plate, it can provide stable support under harsh weather conditions.

6. Marine engineering: used in offshore platforms, dock structures, ship manufacturing and other fields to resist seawater erosion.

Generally speaking, Q460NH steel plate is widely used in fields that require high weather resistance and strength requirements, and can provide good anti-corrosion protection and structural support.

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