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05CuPCrNi weathering steel advantages

05CuPCrNi weathering steel advantages

The distribution of special alloying elements in 05CuPCrNi weathering steel provides a protective layer, which in turn produces a corrosion inhibition effect. The protective layer on the surface of 05CuPCrNi weathering steel will slowly grow and regenerate with the influence of weather and climate.

05CuPCrNi weathering steel will rust like early carbon steel, but it will be different later. After a period of corrosion of 05CuPCrNi weathering steel, its surface is rich in trace elements such as Cu and P, forming a dense amorphous rust layer structure. The matrix of 05CuPCrNi weathering steel is very strong. This stable rust layer can resist the intrusion of water and harmful ions in the atmosphere to a certain extent, and prevent further corrosion of the base metal of 05CuPCrNi weathering steel.

05CuPCrNi steel can be directly exposed to the atmosphere without painting. After many years, the rust layer gradually stabilizes, corrosion no longer develops, and the appearance is beautiful chocolate color. 05CuPCrNiBond does not have problems such as paint aging and paint maintenance, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

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